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Patent Services USA; Making Your Ideas Work

June 29, 2016
New ideas are so common, there's a good chance you’ve have had a few yourself. If so, there is only one way to protect your idea, so that only you get credit for it and make money from it, and that means securing a bulletproof patent.

Unfortunately, too often those with great new ideas, inventions and important innovations fail to patent them and they fail to capitalize on those ideas before someone else with a similar idea acts on their own. Patenting is the most important thing you can do to protect your idea before bringing it to market, especially in a world with so many fast-growing markets. Patent Services USA is a great partner to have in this process because we follow precise USPTO guidelines for issuing patents in order to make sure your idea is properly protected and that only you get to make money from it.
Patent Services USA understand that registering a patent requires you to share every detail of your idea, invention or innovation, and we understand that it will be available to the public, alongside a notice that you own the rights to every detail of that patent. If you fail to include every detail of the idea, someone could very well claim the idea as their own. We will help in every step of the process and Patent Services USA, including prior art research to make sure your idea or invention is sufficiently unique, obtaining the patent, engaging in price negotiations and compiling all necessary documentation to support the patent and everything else needed to make sure your idea is fully protected.

Patent Questions? Patent Services USA has The Answers

March 20, 2016
You invented something great, innovative and marketable, now what? Do you trademark it? Patent it? You’ve heard things about copyrighting but don’t even know where that fits in. Where do you begin? You are not alone in your questions and confusion, and you are the exact reason why in 2012, Patent Services USA was founded. They have a qualified and professional staff ready to help walk you through all the different necessary steps from invention to a sellable, protected product. They can answer questions, advice on proper licensing and any other services involved. It is important to safeguard your original ideas and that is what they do best.

Whether music, such as the music rights for “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison to the “As Seen On TV” product Easy Flip, Patent Services USA will help you, like they helped these clients, to achieve the needed licensing and processing in a way that protects your product and does not have you filling out additional paperwork that you do not need. They walk you through the process so you understand the steps and processes behind the paperwork.

Since 2012, Patent Services USA has been helping artists, inventors and businesses turn their ideas and dreams into realities. Every successful idea has value and needs to be protected the proper way. Every song, logo, story, product, all need to be copyrighted or patented, let Patent Services USA help you navigate the world of dream protection.

What Is A Patent

February 25, 2016
New, original, inventive ideas arise all the time, but individuals often don’t act on their own innovative thoughts and capitalize on those genius plans -- at least not before another person has a similar interpretation. Gaining a patent for your idea is the single most important step to preserving your invention and idea within a quickly growing marketplace of products and solutions. Patent Services USA follows guidelines set forth by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for issuing patents. The USPTO defines a patent as “a property right granted by the Government of the United States of America to an inventor to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention throughout the United States or importing the invention into the United States for a limited time in exchange for public disclosure of the invention when the patent is granted.” By obtaining a patent through Patent Services USA, this means any inventor must share full details of his or her idea, product, etc. not only to obtain the patent, but for public reading consumption to all who seek the information. Patent Services USA assists inventors with the protection process of obtaining a patent, including price negotiations, necessary documentation and associated research.

Learning How To Patent A Product

December 15, 2015
Patent Services USA is made up of a team of highly experienced and capable professionals who have been involved in the applying for patents for many years now. These experts understand how the patent process works and how to give yourself the best odds possible of being awarded a patent. Whether it is a design patent or a utility patent, the people at Patent Services USA can help.

Patent Services USA is a full service intellectual property services firm that helps start-ups, entrepreneurs, and inventors to turn ideas or concepts into products that are marketable and profitable. The firm helps people to legally protect their ideas with the force of intellectual property law. Patent Services USA can also arrange for clients to get into contact with licensing professionals and agents in various industries. Whichever way the client wants to go, Patent Services USA is prepared to help them out.

The “Learning Center” section of the Patent Services USA website has been continually updated so that entrepreneurs and inventors have access to up-to-date resources online which are totally free and highly accurate. Whether it is the client's first time trying to bring a product to market or whether they have dozens of patents, clients seem to benefit from working with Patent Services USA. They have an understanding of how arduous this process can be and how to make it simpler and more straight-forward for their clients.